Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cameron Highlands: #1

Haven't got a chance to update about Genting so I'll feed you guys a little about the Camerons trip just last weekend. Yet to get all the pictures; will update again when I get them.

The trip was planned while we were still in Genting. Beat that. Genting trip belum main habis already talk about another trip. Faints.

Spent one night there but all of us were dead tired on day 2.

I vowed not to make my digital camera useless this time but guess what? It only contained 29 miserable pictures! -___- DSLRs are taking a toll over my camera. Hmph.



Kakak Victor & Abang Yin Yin.

40-year-old cactus.

Fatt mou rose.

Xiowei proposing with such a small flower, no wonder got such reaction lol.

Mike with his duck.

It was a short, but definitely a very enjoyable trip! It's not that you get to take time off and relax on the highlands all the time with the company of crazy friends, right? The fatigue was all worth it. LOL.

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