Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Small Candle

Bi and I celebrated our first anniversary just a few hours ago.

11 months ago, I posted about us going through one month filled with lots of laughter. 11 months later, we still have our fair share of laughter (well, not forgetting the times of disagreements ;p). It's really scary to know that a year passed in a blink of an eye.

Woke up today (or yesterday since it's already past 12am but my theory is, as long as I'm still awake it's still today), lunch in Old Town Kopitiam with the boyfriend, Chin Yap and Bernard. Went for Tiger Woohoo which was a good movie - funny but at the same time moved me to tears. Went home and later on, church in the evening and then dinner with bi!

He asked me to decide whether to turn left or right at the junction so I picked left, which he said led to Josephine. If I picked right, we would have gone to Italia Mia which had food costing double the price of Josephine's. So I said I picked the right choice 'cuz I helped him to save money (I'm an accountant and accountants are kiamsap lol).

The place was nice, cosy and I like the pillows they had on the sofa; made it feel very at home.

His Tuborg.

My fake cocktail lol.

Our starter, Wild Mushroom Soup @ RM15.

Doesn't look too appetizing in here; may be due to two reasons:
i) Bi's hand was itchy, he took a sip even before I took a picture.

Soup was good! Yum yum.
Could be better with a few dashes of pepper but he said, "No, must taste the original flavour" wor.

My Josephine's Chicken @ RM30.

Grilled chicken with a twist oriental flavour and BBQ sauce.

I wanted to add chilli sauce but he said NO again. Ish.

His Peri-peri Lamb @ RM42.

Not too bad. Could be better if the meat was marinated longer. Would even be better if a little more spicier.

Lesson learnt: Can camwhore even in a high class place, provided you're pro enough.

Our dessert, Tiramisu @ RM12.

Was a little hard 'cuz the sponge fingers weren't soaked up well with the coffee mixture. The fingers and cream were not well-balanced quantity-wise. If not mistaken, no rum in it too.

Tiramisu is my fav I love to nom it so much so I can criticise a lot.

It didn't taste THAT bad, it was okay and edible but just that I can make better Tiramisu hohoho.

Care to drink some wax?

It was us-time during dinner, talking and crapping about lotsa stuffs.

*Thanks for dinner (the bill was a little ouch!) and of course, the accompaniment very much. Hope you did as well. :)

Heart you.


Laura 梁媚霜 said...

Congrats Mabel. May u love n b loved forever n ever...

Malessa Rz said...

:) Josephines :)) Nice place, I love the environment. Especially the comfy sofa and pillows and of course with the company of loved one :D

belz said...

[laura] thanks :))
[mal] yup nice place to chill out definitely!

Sweeli ❤ said...

Congrats bells! :D
You and weihoe looks damn yan ngoi. <3<3 :D

belz said...

thanks sweeli! hehehe :DD