Sunday, May 16, 2010

Masks, Masks & More Masks

You know, a few months back, my hostel mates were suddenly very ecstatic about beauty products particularly facial masks. All thanks to the internet - buying online.

Anyway, they were babbling about how cheap and effective the products were and so I thought, "Okay, I'll give it a shot."

And so I placed my orders with them. There were so many different types of masks and me, being a person who really is bad with choosing something over something, bought sibeh a lot of them.

Last three days, I was packing stuffs that I won't need to use in hostel anymore so I could slowly shift them back to Ipoh. I opened the drawer of the wardrobe and there they were, all staring back at me.

Jeng jeng jeng jeng~~

I'd probably used only five pieces or so.

So let's see what's in my collection.


Kiwi Mask.

Use: Anti-oxidant and prevents acne.

I tried one piece of this some time ago if you guys can remember.


O-Water Moisturizing Mask

Use: To moisturize skin, duh!

Also tried one piece of this.

Third: (Oh boy, this is gonna take some time.)

As printed on the pack.

Use: To regenerate lor hahahaha.

Never tried this yet.


Some honey mask.

Use: Whitening effect.

Shouldn't have bought this if I knew there were whitening effects 'cuz my dad doesn't allow me to use whitening products.

Never tried too. Anyone wants this?


Eight Cups of Water Mask.

Use: Moisturize.

Effect same as O-Water Mask. And they smell the same too. -__-

Fifth Sixth:

Different types of eye masks.

Used one of the Collagen Eye Mask but seemed to have no effects on my eye bags.

Others untouched.

Lastly: (Phew!)

This is the dunno what My Diary something Mask.

Quite popular. From Taiwan if I'm not mistaken.

Not sure how good are they yet.

Gila wei. How to finish using all la? *Faints*


Chee Ching said...

Waaaa how much are everything? I need to buy moisturizing masks xD

belz said...

urmm.. i think around 20-25 lidat. go find that diary mask. alot ppl said very good!