Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cheshire Oaks & Liverpool (Cont'd)

UK: Tuesday (270710); 1600 hours.

A continuation from this.

As I stated in my last post, people who went to CO and Liverpool could buy things that could fill the whole surface of a single bed. Some could even fill the surface of a DOUBLE bed.

And just look at what I bought.

In a chronological order.

From CO:

Have been longing for this book for a long long time. I hope it's good!

The Lost Symbol @ £4.99.

(The first thing I bought was a book wtf???)

Earrings from Claire's @ £4.90 after a 30% discount.

Very dai!
£4.90 x RM5 = RM24.50 / 9 pairs = RM2.72 per pair.

HAHAHA typical accountant, everything also must convert.

Shorts from Gap @ £4.89.

Hush Puppies shoes for the bf @ £35.

Under his mum's account but if he can't wear I said I will chop his feet smaller so he can fit into the shoes. Lol.

Luggage bag @ £15.

@ £1.97 after a 10% discount.

Helps me to grow wider wtf.

Girly/woman (momma and babysitter are women!) stuffs from Revlon.

L-R: £0.95, £3.00, £4.99 each, free gift.

Liverpool One:

Formal shirt from Zara @ £9.99.

Flip flops from Primark @ £1.

Beh tahan 'cuz my shoes were killing me from all the walking.

Could not even find a pair of Nike/Adidas that was of my type.
Disappointed betul tak beli banyak benda.

I'm not a branded kinda person so even the Ralph Lauren t-shirts, which were £30 each, was considered expensive to me. Call me stupid but I seriously don't see a need in buying a RM150 t-shirt with a small logo of a horse and a man? Same goes with Lacoste handbags; everyone said, "Very cheap!!!!" but it's just a handbag with a crocodile?

Anyway, my shopping items can't even fill a drawer wei.

FAIL kao kao.


June.Yeoh said...

FAIL because not much of stuffs?
but i think its the quality that matters. you can buy a whole lot of stuffs and later realise tht you dont even like them. be patient lah belz. WHAT YOU SCARED no chance shop meh!!!! slapyou lol
BELZ i want the bee earring! very very very the cute eh. good buy good buy!
formal zara shirt also cheap.hehe good for youuuuu.

i like this:I seriously don't see a need in buying a RM150 t-shirt with a small logo of a horse and a man HAHA

looking forward to your next shopping mabelloihueyyin hahaha fml!

belz said...

[june] lol.. because if u'd seen what my other friends got u would say i failed haha! but yeah it's true, no point buying stg if i don't like it or not gonna use it next time.

bee and penguin is taken dear :(

well the horse and the crocodile is TRUE!! no?? hehehe.

suhaisweet said...

Nice entry friend...visit my latest entry today..;D

sarah said...

uggggh people who buy into brands. it's all about creating your own look, and you don't need hundreds of ringgit if you shop right ;)

told you claire's is awesome when there's sales, no? =) wait until the mega, mega sales. then it's buy one set, one set free!

accessories are LOVE.

oh, there's a shop called accessorize. crazy expensive usually, but when got sales: BUY!!! don't think!

belz said...

[suhaisweet] thanks :)

[sarah] yeahh i can be a CHEAPO shopper. pun intended. hehe.

yeap claire's awesome! too bad it didn't have the one i wanted earlier. oh well.

that accesorize shop sounds familiar! i entered before somewhere.. hmmmmm..