Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Me, But Me

UK: Friday (300710); 1605 hours.

Warning: This is so not me but emo post ahead.

Today's class made me ponder on lots of things and I think I need to get this all out because it's really unhealthy keeping emo thoughts to myself.

Sometimes I wonder why is it so hard to please someone? We work our butts off (in some cases, I work my butt off) but we don't get what we expect to get. We try to think out of the box but yet it doesn't work because it's not what someone wants.

I'm getting tired of this as each week passes.

Taking that out of consideration, things get worse when you get people that are.. "not so cooperative" to work with. In short, you know you're screwed when they just solely do their part (without much effort), and leave the rest to you.

I was reading from a blog about one being the fourth runner in a relay race.

A website stated: "The most popular strategy for running a successful relay race is running your best runner last."

Actually, I don't mind being the fourth runner because I get to learn about lots of things this way. In fact, I was already one since my college days.

But I cannot accept when someone goes (through action, not words): Nah, this is my part. I have nothing to do with it anymore kthxbai. *Whistle whistle*

I CANNOT ACCEPT. How to win the bloody race liddat?

But not like I can do anything about it. Fml.

Studying in the UK is not a bed of roses.

This is the real life.

There. I'd said it all out. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Maybe a doze of shopping or relaxing at the park might work.


KhaiShing said...

Life's never meant to be fair...the most important thing is that we've tried out best..everything else is beyond our control. Just gotta learn to accept failure and move on. Here's something to share:

belz said...

hi khaishing,

never expected you to read my blog, what more dropping a comment :)

yeah i guess that's what's most important - that we've tried our best.