Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Shopping??

UK: Tuesday (130710); 1555 hours.

I wanted to update on Salisbury Town first but since Juney is so excited to see all my barang-barang, I will blog about my first trip to Meadowhall. :D

It was just two days back, Sunday and opening hours were 11am-5pm. Maple being the crazy one doubted to go on a Sunday because its opening hours were relatively shorter compared to weekdays and also Saturdays. But I can tell you, six hours of walking is not an easy task.

Outside the train station.

Lovely sight, isn't it?

The more I look at it, the more I think it looks like an image on a postcard.

Train tickets - to and fro for £2.20.

Inside the train.

It's like KTM back in Malaysia but more comfortable, clean and without the "smell".

And most importantly, it's punctual.
*Ahem ahem*

£2 each muahahaha.

Somebody tell me, how much is this back in Malaysia?


Small cute bag for £4!

My new skinnies and jeggings for £8 and £6 respectively.

How often can you find RM40 skinnies back home?

Top for £4.

£1 only!

But it's being a b**** because my feet hurts very badly now. :'(

I love the one on the right! Transparent Converse shoes eh!


£19.99 but didn't get them. Should I should I?

From M&S.

£2 each.

Lotion for £1.

That's all for the day. Total damage done to my pockets - £35.69 including lunch.

*Ting ting ting ting* Time to save!!!


June.Yeoh said...

I LOVE THE STRIPEY SHIRT ALOT ALOT like reallyyyyyy naisss, rm 20 onlyyyyy wauuu belzzz i hate you hahaha.and the colorful converse is nais too keke ple's leg ah that one. and your cutey black bag ia good buy tooooooo :D

UK 's train damn pretty and i agree with your post card pic. basically i just LIKE EVERYTHING lah hahah. UK damn scenic! where is maple's dunno what pricey skirt all lol.

sorry i spam your chat box, you limit the words isit? then i notice your note. "Please leave comments regarding entries in the comments section. Thanks!" hahahaha!

i come here and felt happy. nau i can go study for exam, thank you mabel for fulfilling my request.
love you lots. take care dear <3 hugsssssssssssssssssss byee see you

June.Yeoh said...

also love the choc stuff and the lipbalm.

just love all. EASY lol :)
have a nice dayyyyy

belz said...

yes i likey the stripey top too! like sailor hehehe. yup the shoes maple chose is nice too but guess what it's a junior size HAHAHA.

UK IS damn scenic i love it so much here! :))))))) maple eyes nicer and PRICIER stuffs LOL!

it's ok.. haha. i think the chatbox has limited characters i din limit it..

happy that i made u happy with my post! have a good day and good luck for exams! <3

dr 1/6 said...

man...i miss shopping in the UK. my fav place. next comes the US. i'm there now, but so busy with work and exams...hopefully on my last day i get to pick some stuff up.

there's this certain joy with buying pretty things, no?

ps: and damn body shop is so cheap in europe! i bought this gift set with like 4-5 items in it for 5euros in paris -_______- msia sure 200+ de -_________-

belz said...

ooo ur in usa now? nice! i wanna go there too but we need a visa right? :(

yes the feeling is so good! but not when i count the amount of money used. lol.

omg really???!! then i'll prolly find for those gift sets during my time in europe hehe.

Malessa Rz said...

Mabel! Jealoussss kayy!! I am one skinny jeans and jegging fanatic! Yrghh! So effin cheappppppp!!!!!!

And you seem to be enjoying yourself there in UK. All the best dearie! :))

Btw, you should totally get the shoe! Very pretty :) Cheap too no?

Nice oneeeee! And still jealous!! :(

belz said...

thanks mal :) i'm indeed enjoying myself here, minus the studying part. haha.

yeah the skinnies and jeggings were totally a great deal! hehe.

still thinking about the shoes.. u will see it here if i decide to get it. :D

chengchengz said...

maigawd y r things in UK so cheap??! JEALOUSY TO THE MAX

belz said...

[chengy] hehehehe. stuffs in primark are cheap so i usually do my shopping there. :D