Thursday, July 15, 2010

Salisbury Town

UK: Wednesday (140710); 1900 hours.

I shall continue from the Stonehenge post.

We then headed to Salisbury Town, which was around 30 minutes away.

The first thing that made me smile.

Felt so happy looking at the ducks bathing.

And two ducks were playing and "chasing" each other in the river. Awww..

Something better was..

The Ugly Duckling. LOL.

I meant swan lah.

I think I've never seen any swans in my life before hahahaha. Unless I'd forgotten about it.

All of them also "oi leng"* I tell you.

*Want to look pretty.


After looking at all the ducks and swans, we headed to St. Mary's Cathedral.

Along the way:

These are the minor things that can make my day.

It's HUGE!

On the left side of the church, a major renovation project was going on. Started in 1986 and not due to complete until 2015.

*Jaws drop*

Need 29 years to complete???

The Walking Madonna.

Headed in.

Took this picture.

And then walked out.

Read this to know why.

Seriously?? Urm, I've never paid money to enter a church before leh. It was around £4 or £5 and needless to say, I didn't enter.

No need to pay to enter the gift shop though. -_-

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the scenery and also the trip a lot.

Even though I had to spend a total of NINE hours sitting in the bus and torturing my butt.


ken said...

there are so many cathedrals in the UK.. have you seen the one in dublin? st patrick's cathedral.. it's huge too! =)

belz said...

yet to go to ireland. will try to visit it if i can :)