Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Wonderful Trip To Whitby

UK: Saturday (030710); 2245 hours.

I'm so tired but am still hyped up to update my bloggie! :)

I love love love today's trip! The place was so serene and peaceful and I could just sit there whole day long enjoying the sunshine and breeze.

Waiting for the buses to arrive at The Hubs.

On the way.

Saw some geese during toilet break.

Two boys feeding the geese CIGARETTE BUTTS.

Still on the way. Yawn.

Couldn't sleep thanks to our darling bus driver who blasted the radio loud with 70's songs. -_-

I iz in Whitby! :D

First thing to do was to find FOOD. So wise of us. Hehe.

Went to Mister Chips; as you can see it won awards.

(Stupid pic wouldn't rotate again.)

Fish and Chips for £4.70

The fish was super fresh, thus doesn't taste/smell too fishy.

But they were super oily omg I'm gonna need to walk more to burn off those extra calories! :(

So cute can!

Fat and 'not-afraid-of-humans' seagulls.

Bumped into Mr. Andrew, who was in charge of us international students.

When he ask for a pic, I said I was shy and he said, "No need to paiseh wan la".

It was his exact words! 0.0

The beach!

Arghhh why UK skies so pwettyyyy!

I likey this pic because there's land, sea and sky in it!

Into the horizon..

The lighthouse.

Okay I wore the sweater because the wind was really strong and I was afraid I might catch a cold.

But the reason I put on the hoodie was because I was afraid those seagulls will shit on me. HAHAHA.

I could really sit like this all day long.

Well, just that I would totally get a sunburn, in which I already got it nyahaha.

(I actually sat there for two hours plus.)

Got myself a Mint Ice-Cream Cone for £1.50 :)

I love this place so much laaaaaaa. I wanna stay here.. :(

Imma miss you, Whitby.

I just realized this post is so full about myself! Lol so vainnnnn.

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