Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Trip To Cambridge

UK: Thursday (010710); 1325 hours.

Otw to Cambridge which took around 2.5 hours.

Why their fields so beyooootiful one? Malaysia's all dried up or burnt. :/

We sat on punts once we reached Cambridge!

Punts are like those boats you see in Venice, or what you call a gondola.

Saw so many different duckies. But I still like Mandarin Ducks.

Like I'd said, it's very rare to see ducks in Malaysia except roasted ones.

Coincidentally it was Graduation Day.

Love their graduation gowns.

The Bridge of Sighs.

The Mathematical Bridge.

It was rumored to be built by Sir Issac Newton without a single bolt. But our punt guide said none of that was true.

Cambridge University? Hmm.

I just took pictures of buildings and I can't remember which is which. :/

Wanted to take a pic with our hottie punt guide but there were many customers so turnover needed to be fast. :(

Lots of stores in The Market.

Trinity College.

Our punt guide told us that Prince Charles studied here in the 60's and he had a bodyguard with him 24/7. Since the bodyguard attended class with the prince, he said that he wanted to take the exams too. And guess who got higher marks?


King's College.

All designer outlets. *Glamorous*

So cute and nais but £5. T_T

This is £7. *Cry*

Both also made in China.

Why UK got such good quality control but Malaysia don't have? T_T

Horse's bones structure.

The Fitzwilliam Museum!

"Dum dum, do you have a gum gum?"

I've never tried walking so much in my life in a day before! But I'd truly enjoyed the trip to Cambridge.

This Saturday, Whitby's waiting for me. :)


dr 1/6 said...

oooo i got the earrings with the frog frog flower lady bug one :)

wait for claires sales! coz i got mine for 3pounds, which is super worth it for sooooooo many studs.

but claires earrings aren't stainless steel, coz the metal bits turn BLACK and stain your ears too ><

belz said...


some products were on sale. i got a stud hippie head band for only 2 pounds!