Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cornwall Day 2: Lands End, Minack Theatre, St. Michael's Mount & Tintagel

UK: Friday (130810); 1730 hours.

Continuation from this and this.

Day 2 was a crazy day, as you can see from the post's title. (And I'm going crazy because I'm looking at so many pictures and can't decide which to post.)

Lands End.


Imma giant hohoho.

Bollywood feel eh? XD

Mamma mia!

It's like I superimposed myself into the picture. Lol.

Note to self: Do not take picture while holding purple bag.

The First and Last House.


Us, with The Gentle Wave.

(The stone if you didn't know. Who calls a stone The Gentle Wave anyway? -_-)


Eee.. snail without shell.

Cute lil' bunny.

Minack Theatre.

Paid an entrance fee of £2.20.

It's like an open-air theatre facing the sea.

This is the model of Minack Theatre.

Superwoman Rowena Cade built this herself.

Beautiful flowers everywhere.

St. Michael's Mount.

A castle built on a mount.

To get to the castle, we could either walk across when the tide was low or take a boat ride which would cost £1.50 one way.

The tide was rising when we were there, so we didn't opt to get across.

This swan sesat.

Sausage roll for lunch @ £1.25.

Tintagel Castle.

Also see here for an awesome view.

Paying a £3.80 entrance fee wasn't an issue here. We were all doubting whether to enter the castle as we would need to climb a very steep hill/cliff to get to the peak. This was our fourth destination and you can imagine how exhausted we were already.

But our tour guide said the climb will be worth it, so we all trusted him.

This wasn't even halfway yet. We were only in front of the entrance. T_T

Okay this was halfway and we were taking a break.

Three quarter through.

Some bits and pieces of the castle.

And finalleh!

Small sacrifices need to be made to see beautiful things, yes?

This is our enemy.

This is me, very close to the edge.

(Momma, please don't faint. I'm still safe and sound. Hehe.)

I really couldn't describe the feeling of sitting there, overlooking such beautiful view.

Yay we made it to the top!

This is what happens when you ask someone who has no sense of photography to snap a picture of us.

Only us, nothing else. -_-

Ahhh.. this is better.

Even better!

Taken by our tour guide.

I love it!

The other side of the castle.

We had to climb down towards the entrance and climb up another flight of steep stairs to reach here because if you can imagine this: the entrance is in the middle and the castles are on both left and right of it. HORROR!

Nevertheless, I was once in Tintagel Castle. :)

We headed to Bristol for the night.

Had dinner in this place called Hollywood, which I reckon the boss was a Malaysian.

Wanna cry. I can eat in Kim Gary until I vomit with RM44. T_T

My starter - Hot and Spicy Soup.

Main course - Ginger and Spring Onion Chicken Rice.

Dessert - Sago with Coconut Milk and Gula Melaka.

Out of all three, the last one was the best. -_-

*RM44 flies away*

Hahaha dunno what building. I think some City Hall or something.

That was all for day 2. Wait for my last post on Cornwall! :)


sarah said...

mabel what a smashing life you currently lead!

belz said...

lol.. never could have this chance if it wasn't for my parents :))