Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cornwall Day 1: Newquay & Perranporth

UK: Wednesday (110810); 1945 hours.

Continuation from this.

I haven't got to my assignments yet but I guess we all need some time off sometimes. Yes? :)

So are you ready for my Cornwall adventure?? (Not ready then go away hahahaha.)

We departed on Friday night around 2345 hours, so that we would save time by traveling and sleeping at the same time. I didn't get to sleep very well because the seat couldn't be lowered much and there wasn't much space for me to stretch my legs. But anyhow, the journey took around six hours and by the next morning, we reached the first destination.

Newquay (Pronounced 'Newkey').

Was so excited to have breakfast I forgot to take note of the name of the shop. T_T

Me, at 0730 hours.

My very yummy traditional English breakfast! @ £4.29.

There was bacon, a sunny side up, half tomato, a sausage, black pudding, hash browns, baked beans, two slices of toast with butter, and coffee!

Then, we headed for the beaches.

Tolcarne Beach.

With our tour guide, Zen.

And walked to Lusty Glaze Beach.

Look at all the clams stuck onto the stones!

Mother Nature is love.

Then, walked to The Island.

If you look properly, there's a connecting bridge. The house on the left is on The Island.

And now, I'm under the bridge! :D

Walked all the way to the Harbour. (My legs were killing me already.)

Saw a seal!

A greedy seal to be exact. It was waiting for food!

And he/she got it! Om nom nom~

I saw two seals to be exact!

Moved on to The Huer's House.

Dunno what's special about this, really.

As you can see I was quite nervous climbing up that thing.

Made it up.

And had some problems getting down. T_T

Got myself a two-scoop Thorntons ice-cream cone for £2.50.

Damn expensive if you convert so must enjoy the cone kao kao.



If you refer to the previous picture, you would see a hole between the cliffs.

In this picture, we climbed all the way down to that hole.

(Sorry for my words, am not really good with all the 'cliffs' and 'holes' etc.)

My big butt. T_T

Bumble bee.

The view was.. indescribable.

Adjourned to Hayle for the night. That was Day 1.

Shall continue with Day 2 soon. :)

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