Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Thengy!

UK: Monday (020810); 1635 hours.

This post is dedicated to my darling Thengy. It's only 2335 hours in Perth so it's still her birthday!

Happpy birthday, love!

Miss you loads and really can't wait to see you again. Come back home soon yeah!

Wanna go crazy with you as always. Like..

Erm, killing a toast?

It's been nearly a decade since we'd known each other and seven years of madness. And silly arguments!

Clearly shows the power of friendship even though we're miles away with no constant medium of communication. (Seriously, you need to get Facebook, darling!)

Happy birthday once again. Hope you enjoyed your day. I'll get you something nice over here.

Xoxo, Bel.

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