Monday, August 2, 2010


UK: Sunday (010810); 2050 hours.

I was complaining to the bf through MSN about my hair loss after one round of washing.

If you've known me or read my blog long enough, you would know about me having some hair issues when I'm stressed out. Here's another one.

This time it's worse.


I hope I don't go bald soon.

Anyway, I was telling him about losing so much hair and this was our conversation.

M: I dropped a lot of hair just now. :(
H: Aiyo, stress ah?
M: Dunno. But people said the water here will cause hair to drop one.
H: Oh, different types of water ma. Last time when I was in China, the water made my hair dry like mad.
M: But a lot lor.
H: Will affect one. As I know, Malaysians go Australia will drop bulu kaki a lot. Maybe 'cuz UK is in the north hemisphere, so will drop a lot of hair gua.
M: Wadde?? (But laughing like mad!)

Did this make you go -______________-"?


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