Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm A Smart Woman!

UK: Saturday (040910); 1455 hours.

This is a filler post.

I have two weeks left in Sheffield and currently, am in the midst of packing things to ship them back.




A Hush Puppies shoe box can not only fill in a pair of shoes. I will show you what else it can fill.

1. Take out the HP shoes and put in a pair of sandals.

2. Put another pair in on top of the first pair.

3. Fit three bottles of perfume in.

4. Stack the shoes on top of them all.


Except that the boyfriend's left side of the shoe might smell like FCUK Her and the right side might smell like FCUK Connect Him. Hmm..

Outcome: A pair of Hush Puppies shoes, two pairs of sandals, FIVE bottles of perfume and some other small miscellaneous stuff i.e. earrings, key chain, magnet.

Fuiyoh, pandainya aku. *Pats self on back*

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