Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Birthday!

UK: Friday (100910); 2125 hours.

Okay here's my post about my birthday! :D

Preparing food:

Shwen & Chen Ling.

Yoke Chin.

Shredding carrots.

Preparing tortilla wraps.


After putting them in oven for few minutes - Ta da!

Chicken rice with mushrooms and Chinese sausages by Shwen.

Wedges by Cheryl, Sharon & Kang Hong.

F-awesome fruit salad by C, S & KH.

Mashed potatoes by Hannah and Yan Zhang.

Yummeh potatoes by See Mei & Kar Choon.


Maggi goreng by Maple.

Black pepper spaghetti by Jean, Jes, Steph & Carrine.

Tom yum pasta by Wen Lin.

Oven-baked marinated pork by Thomas.

And then it was makan time!

Nom nom nom nom~

Sharon and Cheryl.

Keith and Chong Yuan.

Thomas, Jes, WL & KC.

Another shot with Carrine.

Keith, Jean & Maple.

With Carrine and Steph.

Okay this is weird. I'm the birthday girl but I'm not in all those pictures. :/

With Sharon, Cheryl dear and CY.

With Fatt.

Hannah, Yoke Chin, See Mei, Kang Hong, Chen Ling, Hui Bin, Shwen and Yan Zhang.

Two buffed dudes made me feel skinny. Lol.

With Keith.

They made me give a speech. -_-

Make more wishes..

Lemon Cheese Cake.

Thanks Maple!

Stress~ So difficult to divide into 22 portions.

In the end looked like this. -_-

No difference from that of the mashed potatoes leh.

Group pichaaaaa!

Went crazyyyy~

Wanna thank Maple for organizing this makan thing and everyone else for making it such a memorable birthday for me in the UK.


More pictures when I get them. And some videos too! :p


June.Yeoh said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so lovely and warm and awesome and tastey too.
happy 22nd belz :DD
so happy for youu

belz said...

hehehe thanks juney! <3