Sunday, September 12, 2010

When The Clock Hit 12

UK: Saturday (110910); 1715 hours.

Birthday surprise my flatmates and another three friends gave me when the clock hit 0000 hours on 7th September 2010.

I never knew that was coming, seriously. Was so touched!

See how sneaky they were; using the alarm thing to tempt me out of the room. But I thought they were fooling around and when the alarm didn't stop I thought it was MY ROOM'S FIRE ALARM. Sheesh.

They couldn't get any candles but instead made a 'M' on the cake using Kit Kats. Aww..

Here's the girls - Yoke Chin, Hannah, Hui Bin, Me, Chen Ling and Shwen.

The guys - Yan Zhang and Chong were too shy.

Thanks for everything! Especially the lovely chocolate cake. Yummies~

PS: Boyfy's birthday (120910) in Malaysia now , so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

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