Friday, November 20, 2009

Changing Technology

Technology is making its rage in the world now. We have all kinds of gadgets - laptops, mp3s (Sony Walkman, iPods etc), mobile phones, PDAs, video games (PSs, PSPs, Wii etc).. the list goes on and on.

Today, my topic is about mobile phones aka handphones (hp).

We've seen all types (and shapes) of hps and boy, it's really fascinating to see the changes in this gadget.

I still remember the first contact I had with a hp. It was my dad's and it was helluva big! As big as your water tumbler. Lol. Not even close to the biggest one on top. The Cantonese calls it tai kor tai because the owner looked like a tai kor (big brother) holding it.

I had my own hp when I was 13. It was by luck, actually, because Bro#1 wanted to change his hp number and Bro#2 wanted to change his hp. So it was an ideal package for me as they could throw their stuffs to me.

My first was a Nokia. It was a little bulky and even had an external antenna! But you don't complain if you get free things. I tried looking for a picture of it on the Internet, but I can't find anything similar to it. Talk about outdated!

That particular hp did not last me long as its battery life was dying, so Father D promised me if I did well in my Form 2 final exams he would get me another one. The Nokia 3310 was quite popular during that time but it wasn't manufactured anymore so I got a Nokia 3315.

Nah liddis one.

The one I had looked exactly the same, the only difference was I think mine had blue LED lights. I think. Can vaguely remember.

Technology went advanced again and two years later, I forced my dad changed my hp again.

My first coloured-screen hp.

Bought it when it was newly launched for RM700 and now it's worthless I think. But this was the best hp I ever had! Still using it until today and it is proudly six years old now. I think nobody uses a hp as long as six years these days.

Things that differ my hp from those in the picture above are..
  • The words on the keypads are no longer visible.
  • The rubber coating on the on/off switch is also no longer there. Means there's a hole lor. Lol.
Two years after my Nokia 3100, I got my dream hp after scoring well in the SPM.

It was this..

Sony Ericsson W800i.

Everyone knows what hp this was! It was the IT thing to have! Even by looking at the picture alone I get jitters. I felt so cool and in using this particular phone and it was as if I was not left behind in the technology world. I never felt so overjoyed before! Moreover, it was the most expensive gadget I had in my possession (RM1,500) and it was the proof of my success in my last year of high school.

But some bloody idiot made my joy into misery and tears. Approximately four months after I had the hp, I went on a holiday in Hong Kong/Shenzhen. I told myself countless times, if it was possible, not step my foot into Shenzhen again. Talking and thinking about it makes me feel so fired up already.

Apparently, I was a victim of the pickpocket syndicate. My visit there was mostly ruined as I lost my hp on Day 2. Bloody bastards.

Anyway, had to fall unto my former hp until I got a new one the following year. This time it was using my own money and I chose a Sony Ericsson again.

This time was W850i.

I loved it's sleek look and the slide concept. Looked very yeng. Got it for RM1,650. Served me well too, having a built-in camera and also mp3 which accompanied my throughout my boring days.

Two years later, the phone died on me, twice. Six months after, I finally got another hp! Yay!

SE C510.

I just can't get enough of Sony Ericsson. Got it for RM540. (RM240 actually, RM300 was from the trade-in of my W850i. Bought for RM1,650 but sold for only RM300 grr..)

Still in the midst of discovering the phone. Looks cool to me. *Giggles*

I had six (6) hps throughout. How about you?


KwOnG FeI said...

wow.. u r so rich..
so many phones..
btw i am looking forward to have a smart phone..
but with my zero financial source, it will take years to achieve

belz said...

nah not rich.. just dad my dad willing to get for me. and those with my own money, hard earned! fuhh~

dr 1/6 said...

one 3315 in form of dad's old phones. then a 7250i in form 4. then a NOKLA (made in china) n96 august 08.

but the 'C' key stopped working in that (otherwise it's awesome! can watch tv some more), so i'm back to my 7250i <----sturdy!

Anonymous said...

ahem... 540 kononnya... cepat bayar...

BEH SOOK YEE said...

high fived, same fone mabel. haha

belz said...

dr 1/6: there's NOKLA? LOL!

anon: kejar hutang sampai sini mehhhh?

beh: *high five!*