Thursday, November 19, 2009

Makan-Makan At Kaki Corner

I bet you guys thought I was really dead. Lol.

Fret not! I'm still well and alive!

Went through some pictures and since I'm hungry right now, I shall blog about FOOODDD. Food makes us all happy, no?

Okay fine. If my sentence did any injustice to you, I shall rephrase it. Food makes ME happy. :D

This was slightly more than a month ago; the night of 13th October. The outing was made in conjunction with Woon Chun's birthday, which was the day after. Headed over to Kaki Corner in Cheras for dinner in five (5) cars.

Birthday boy.

This place is really nice! They have all kinds of steaks and chops. Not forgetting pasta & finger food as well. The prices are very reasonable too - taking into consideration that the portion they serve is good enough to fill your tummy - ranging from RM8 - RM15.

We were spoilt for choices.

Lit with yellow lights, the ambience was nice and cosy. They also had a live band but the music and singing was a tad too loud for my liking as it was a little hard for us to talk.

There were 15 of us, thus the biggest group again in the restaurant/cafe. Our table stretched from one end to the other.

Out of the 15, 12 were all pairs which meant there were six (6) couples that night. Two came without their other halves and one was all single. Poor birthday boy. Quick find a girlfriend already hor!

Ling Kian & Bebe.

Clement & Kiah.

Albee & boyfriend.

Boon Hoong & Siu Wei.

The ones standing are not couples, we were partners during our diploma years.

Class representative and assistant in year 1 and vice versa in year 2.
What partners were you thinking about huh? Lol.

My big ass cup mug of carrot juice.
I think it was only around RM5 or RM6. Cheap, no?

The guys, two of 'em missing.

BH's Mushroom Spaghetti.

Mint Lamb Chop.

I typed 'lamp' instead of 'lamb'. -_-

Soft-shelled crabs.

It was GOOOOD! Not too oily, crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. YUMM..

My Chicken Maryland.

This was totally HEAVEN.

WC's Spicy Ham Chicken.

Black Pepper Lamb Chop.

White Sauce Chicken Chop.

Sizzling Lamb Chop.

Sorry you gotta twist your head a little for this picture. It wouldn't freaking rotate I have no idea why.

Nice eh?


Sorry you were wrong.

There were two or three other tables where the people were there to celebrate birthdays as well. So this girl came over to give WC a piece of her birthday cake.


And so they exchanged birthday cakes..

.. and a piece of tissue paper. Girl asked if boy had Facebook so boy wrote it on a tissue paper, just like those in movies. Sweet.

Boy's friends were a little crazy so they snatched that delicate piece of tissue and added all sorts of things to it.

In the end, I don't know how did the finalized tissue paper looked like but they exchanged e-mail addresses, handphone numbers and even their status ie single, in a relationship etc. Really -___-

Girl came back with (if I'm not mistaken) "single but married and not available sorry ya". Wtf lol. Single but married?

Eating cake the Chinese way.

See if you could spot the other two couples in here.

Argh yours truly looked so horrible here.

So yeap, that was it. We had a good, good night and that's a wrap! :)


kenwooi said...

oh my..
i think it's time to have some western food..
quite long didnt eat edy.. =)

belz said...

you should try this place. it's really yummy and affordable. lots and lots of choices. :)

KwOnG FeI said...

kaki corner at cheras?
if yes, i long time din go alrdy...
the next door renaissance restaurant also not bad

belz said...

yeap at cheras. oh, next time shall try the restaurant next to it then. :)

Chingy said...

It's time to download Photoshop to rotate your pictures! xD

belz said...

wuwu usually can one but dunno why this time sot sot dei already. but chingy, great idea. will do it soon! :DD

My Profile said...

wow! seems nice! can you gimme the address of that shop?

belz said...

i'm sorry but i don't have the exact location of it :/