Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everybody Prays For A Different Reason

UK: Sunday (270610); 1420 hours.

I was in Cambridge for a day trip yesterday. I love going into churches here in the UK because I think they are very beautiful. Classic and lovely architectural structures.

This is The Great St. Mary's Church.

Got in and prayed for a while. Took some pictures. Walked around.

Read petitions by people: Pray for my family, pray for a peaceful world. Pray for my health. Etc.

And then..



P/S: I think the game is on right now, am I right? Do update me about the score to see whether the above petition is answered or not :p


England lost 1-4. Sorry guy/girl, petition unanswered. Hahahahaha.


kenwooi said...

haha.. nice one.. =)

TOLANIC said...

Support england!!!

belz said...

[kenwooi] yeap haha..
[tolanic] hope england makes it through then! :)