Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Party

UK: Monday (280610); 2330 hours.

Went for the welcome party organized by the university on Friday.

Vodka for £1.80 only!

Met lots of people there that I haven't seen in ages.

Ex-classmates during Form 5.

Ex-classmate during diploma years.

Ex-tuition mate. Hahahahaha.

(Just to go along with the ex-es :p)

Spot the moon.

So hard to see the moon in the UK. Sky at 10pm looks like 7pm.

Enjoyed myself very much. Awesome music by awesome DJ. Awesome cheap drinks. Awesome company.

Except that I wished it wasn't so superbly packed and stuffy. And I wished there was a real beach at the beach party. :(


fiki wiki said...

omg where are the matsalehs???

belz said...

there were a few around, but not many cuz most went back for summer. and this party is to welcome the students from malaysia and sri lanka. so, yeah -_-