Friday, July 16, 2010

Food Again Ah?

UK: Friday (160710); 1400 hours.

Yeah, food again. Hehe.

Chinese Cabbage Soup.

Close to the one momma boils. Guess I'm getting better at cooking hohoho.

Soy sauce chicken & potatoes.

Not too bad but tasted a little different because the soy sauce sold here taste weird???

Doritos! (Or Nachos); 10 packets for £1.

This is goooooood. I think they are healthier than potato chips right?

£0.99. Cheap, no?

£0.99 too.

£0.99 again.

Also £0.99.

All the £0.99 stuffs are from the 99 Pence Store.

This may not look appetizing but very yummy one k!

Mashed potatoes & eggs (by HuiBin) and ham sandwich for breakfast.

Superbly healthy.

Chicken sausage and baby corn fried rice with iceberg lettuce & scrambled eggs.

Lastly, my ham and cheese double sandwich and apple juice for lunch.


Going for a picnic in Norfolk Park tomorrow. I hope it won't rain tomorrow because it's been raining for four or five consecutive days already. T_T


June.Yeoh said...

i love that 99 pence shop!
kinder bueno!
veli healthy and yummeh meals, i love ham.
woww picnic. bring me also! :(((
i got exam tmr! pftttt.
hope it doesnt rain there.
take more pic (i know you w

ken said...

those who go to UK to further studies will surely come back with a cooking degree as well =P

belz said...

[june] yeap the 99p store has lotsa things to buy one! ham's good, but not pork :( got very power geh pork smell. :((( haven't tried bacon tho. it's expensive! if you convert lol..

i will! crossing my fingers so it doesn't rain tmr! :D

[ken] yeah. got change to graduate with distinction as well. :p