Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So-Called Picnic

UK: Monday (190710); 1755 hours.

Referring to my previous post, my friends and I were supposed to go for a picnic at the nearby park. I was super excited because you don't really get to go for picnics in Malaysia, do you? But we were unable to do so.

Weather, you ought to say sorry to me. >:(

Since we had already prepared the food, we ended up 'picnicking' in Maple's flat.

I only made mashed potatoes with mashed eggs. I had to wake up TWO hours in advance to prepare the filling.

But when I went over to Maple's, look what her flatmate had prepared. :/

Tom Yum Fried Rice.

Fried Rice.

Cheese baked rice.


Braised noodles with chicken and potatoes.

Masala curry chicken.

Everything was prepared by WenLin. Gosh, she's a superwoman!


TOLANIC said...

Whatcha doing in the UK? On vacation or study? =)

belz said...

studying, but taking advantage to travel around too :)