Friday, July 23, 2010

Toilet Tales

UK: Friday (230710); 1510 hours.

You know what's good in the UK?

Their toilets.

Well, I've never been to ALL the toilets in the UK. So far only toilets in Service Centres (or what you call the R&R back home) on the way to Cambridge and Stonehedge, a public toilet in Whitby and those in the University.

@ Service Centre otw to Cambridge.


@ Service Centre otw to Stonehedge.

Tell me the similarities in these pictures and differences from those back in Malaysia. TELL ME!

I'll continue writing this post again.


I'll say again that I've never been to all toilets around the UK. But so far, I'm pretty satisfied with the toilets I'd used. Keep in mind that I'm commenting on PUBLIC toilets and not those in the University or cafes.

1. Shit loads of toilet paper provided. Now this is superbly awesome. Imagine you enter a toilet, to find out that there's NO TOILET PAPER provided and there's NONE in your handbag. Sucks to the max.

2. Dry floor. This is pretty good too. I respect the people here for being able to keep the floors dry. Dry = clean. Wet = eww.

3. Clean toilet seats. Makes you even more comfortable using the toilet. Though I'm not used to sitting on public toilet seats. Pardon me, but I've trained myself to pee pee without sitting directly on the toilet seat. And no, that doesn't mean climbing on the toilet seats and squatting on top.

Nowwwwwwwww, in contrast with Malaysia's toilets.

1. Needless to say. NO toilet papers. So if you need to do some "big business", make sure you have packets and packets of tissue paper.

2. Wet. What's worse is that when people step into the toilet, the soles of the shoes will obviously cause the puddle of water to turn brown/black. Sigh.

3. Referring to point two above, some people will tend to squat on sitting toilets. And cause the seats to be wet with dirty water as well. Urgh. Which is why I prefer squatting toilets. But that will mean people will rinse the floor, which turns back to point two - wet floor again.

Alamak. This toilet tale really hard to kau tim.

But it still doesn't point out the reason why Malaysia's public toilets cannot have shit loads of toilet paper ma! >:(

And pssst, if I manage to find dirty toilets in the UK I might post my rants in here. :p


ken said...

difference: got loads of tissue over there in UK..

similarity: vandalism?

fiki wiki said...

you clearly havent traveled to all the rnr in uk.
not all of them are this clean babes.

belz said...

[ken] haha yeah partly correct.
[fiki wiki] yeah i noe there are always dirty ones around. saw them for myself too.

wai teng said...

the toilets are much more cleaner with loads of toilet paper..
we cant even find one with toilet paper in malaysia^^

belz said...

[waiteng] yeap, toilet papers are important to us girls hahaha. but i'm sure there are dirty ones out there waiting for me to find for them :p